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L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake

L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake

It’s one of the greatest ironies that a decade marked by iconic grunge moments in music and fashion was also exclusively producing some of the cleanest smelling fragrances around. L’eau D’issey is no exception to that rule. She is the original 90s watery bitch. In fact, L’eau D’issey smells like every single Neutrogena commercial where a woman splashes her face with water to “wash” said face. I’ve done it at home and look like a dirty-ass mermaid vs. a dewy Jennifer Love Hewitt freshly moistened and poreless. However, L’eau D’Issey makes me FEEL like her. Picture walking into any Bliss Spa location in NYC in the late 90s with trip hop playing and you will instantly be brought back to this chic, minimal AF fragrance. The person wearing this post Y2K is definitely now a minimal seapunk with impeccable taste. I highly encourage exploring one of the most beautiful aquatics to date.

Top notes include lotus, melon, freesia, rose water, rose, calone and cyclamen; middle notes are lily-of-the-valley, lily, water peony and arnation; base notes are musk, tuberose, exotic woods, osmanthus, cedar, sandalwood and amber. In real life you will smell like Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings And A Funeral when she utters the iconic line “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.” Soggy and hot like this juice!