Basenote Bitch

Candies by Liz Claiborne

If there was a fragrance that epitomized the junior’s department in 1999, it was Candies from Liz Claiborne. Just like the iconic apple red slides the brand pumped out in the 70s, this chirpy little citrus scent is for the young girl ready to slap on a stretchy ruched top and pocketless jeans. She’s waffling between still playing with GAK slime and troll dolls versus taking on a new ‘fat free’ diet trend and becoming a kleptomaniac. She’ll walk this fine line late into her early 30s long after this perfume is age-appropriate.

Candies is in line with Clinique Happy which came out a year prior and relatively linear and quick to fade on the skin. While it’s there though, I encourage reflecting on that tiered miniskirt you may have worn and ditching any current SnackWell’s treats for the sugar-free farts alone. Also take time to revisit the ICONIC Alyssa Milano X Mark McGrath 1999 commercial.

Notes include mandarin orange, amber, peach, lemon, ylang-ylang, gardenia and jasmine. In real life you will smell like the inside of Michelle Trachtennburg’s Chloe Paddington bag. Trendy and sweet.