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With Love

With Love by Hilary Duff

To date Disney Channel has churned out so many tweens into adult superstardom that it’s hard to separate what pop culture hasn’t been touched by the Mickey Mouse machine. The way it has mobilized billions of young girls towards consumerism is as iconic as it is insidious. The make and model of each star seems formulaic in 2023, but let’s rewind to a softer set of years between 2001 to 2004 when a Junior High icon came to be.

Hilary Duff, a.k.a., Lizzie McGuire was our Y2K queen. Permanently cemented in culture via her titular character and successful crossover into music—she was literally the voice of a generation. This bitch provided introspective depth to My Super Sweet Sixteen AND Laguna Beach because of her opening theme songs. Can you imagine thinking Lauren Conrad was an existential symbol? I still do because of Come Clean. Because of this, it’s only natural that Duff was as merchandised as Pikachu. Every i-zone-carrying tween had at least one of her products. I would have literally bought a polished turd if it had her name on it. Given fragrance was an easy grab for celebrities in the early aughts, With Love was born.

Top notes include spices and mangosteen; middle notes are woody notes and mangosteen blossom; base notes are amber and musk. In real life you will smell like Conrad’s single black tear mixed with Cocobolo.