Basenote Bitch

White Shoulders by Evyan

Yes I know this is a signature scent of the over 70 crowd, but I don’t care—go on a journey with me. This scent is the top of your mother or grandmother’s vanity growing up combined with every scene of a woman getting ready in a fifties/sixties movie. I see Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, curlers, and Ponds Cold Cream. This is what that waxy Revlon lipstick smells like that you just can’t throw away. Some would say this perfume is responsible for the Baby Boomer generation and with good reason. It’s one of those vintage drugstore fragrances still kicking it to this day.

A classic floral based on aldelhydes with top notes including gardenia, jasmine, lilac, lily, orris and tuberose; basenotes including amber, benzoin, oak moss, and musk. In real life you’ll smell like the comfort of returning home to the warm body that raised you with a heavy dose of talcum powder. This is the scent that lingers from a maternal figure even after you’ve been tucked in. We all need a little White Shoulders right now.

White Shoulders