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Touch of Pink by Lacoste

Touch of Pink by Lacoste

This floral fruity came out during an iconic and scandalous time for fashion and It Bags. The year is 2004 and you’re rolling up to the mall in your heelies. The layered polos are popped and you’re ready to tear up the Dooney and Bourke outpost at Macy’s. It is the infamous monogrammed monstrosity you seek to stuff all your future Juicy Tubes in this homecoming season.

Little did you know this bag caused a huff in accessories court. The alleged fashion crime was stealing the Takashi Murakami monogrammed design for Louis Vuitton that refreshed and inspired a tacky Gen Y renaissance for the brand. They were also under every armpit of participating teens in future My Super Sweet 16 episodes.

In your own fashion court you decide to go with the more affordable knockoff with your hard earned money improperly piercing children with a gun at Claire’s. Once the bag is secured you walk out and refresh yourself with Touch of Pink on the way to your Zumba class at Curves fitness. It’s going to be a poppin senior year if you can help it.

Notes include orange, peach, blood orange, coriander, cardamom, jasmine, violet leaf, carrot seeds, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. In real life you will smell like the epitome of french manicure.