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Tendre Kiss

Tendre Kiss by Lalique

It’s 2002 and you’re re-watching the iconic MTV Cribs tour of Pamela Anderson’s Malibu home on mute. Visions of wicker and white-washed wood dance around your head as you also simultaneously dance your literal ass off to your Buns Of Steel DVD. Summer is around the corner and you want to be both shabby chic & playboy hot.

After your workout is over you smell as musty as the home accessories in Rachel Ashwell’s titular book. You need to freshen up before you head to the local Pier 1 Imports to DIY your own modern farmhouse. On your perfume tray is Tendre Kiss by Lalique next to an equally vibrant pink Razr. On first spritz you imagine smelling like the hundreds of roses used in the making of that cribs tour and feel at peace.

Top notes are litchi and red berries; middle notes are pink pepper, rose and nutmeg; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood and vanilla. In real life you will smell like cottage core bliss.