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Samba Kiss Me by Perfumer’s Workshop

Samba Kiss Me by Perfumer’s Workshop

It’s the early aughts and you’re filing away the latest Leo magazine clipping to your super secret archive. It’s been over 5 years and you’re still not over Titanic. You’re looking for a Jack Dawson in a sea of jackoffs wearing party city fedoras—yet you still believe in romance. Sometimes you spritz your sister’s Kis Me fragrance and go on a calling spree of 1-900 numbers just to explore. The luscious fruity floral notes give you a burst of courage and frankly, all the Samba bottles are inexplicably horny.

When you smell like a Del Monte Fruit Cocktail anything is possible. You take this energy into your ritual of the 1-900s, and suddenly you see a new 1-800, AKA 1-800-TRIMSPA. Anna Nicole Smith lights up your screen with glamorous beauty & offers the possibility of transformation in her sexy baby voice. You’re beginning to think you may need to transform almost completely into a baby to be desirable based on all these calls.

You order a bottle in the middle of the night, and when it comes the following week you take a pill and start to feel the metamorphosis happen. That or the caffeine is pulsating through your body. Some weeks later your mom gets the phone bill and has a shit fit. You blame it on your sister & hide your bottle in the same drawer as your Leo paraphernalia. You never take another pill again, but the late night calls stay with you forever.

Notes include fruits, citruses, and bergamot. In real life you’ll smell like both a push pop and an exciting new single on the romance hotline. One phone call could change your life!