Basenote Bitch

M by Mariah Carey

This scent came at the tail end of the early aughts celebrity fragrance boom, but in her diva way instead of following the fruity floral trend, M by Mariah is defined as a sweet oriental. I imagine it sitting amongst the myriad of bottle and lotion gift sets at Kohls saying to the other perfumes “I don’t know her” and accidentally shoving Glow by J.Lo on to the linoleum floor. The drama! The bottle design was obviously inspired by the exhaustive butterfly motif of her guest room in her now iconic 2002 MTV cribs tour. I remember thinking I’d be served a lot of Nancy Meyers-esque interiors but then got bizarre Jo-Anne Fabrics implosions with vacant dinings rooms. I digress.

Notes include marshmallow, sea notes, gardenia, incense, patchouli and amber. In real life you will smell like the tears of Nicky Minaj kept in a bottle alongside all the white roses and lamb stuffed animals Mariah requests for her trailer. Pure decadence with a little salt.

M By Mariah Carey