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Love Spell

Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret

Ah, to go back to my preteen years where I thought spraying this all over my body and the outside of my panties (sometimes inside, sorry genitals!) would get boys to fingerbang me in middle school. This scent is like the word “panty” incarnate, actually. You know what I’m talking about—it’s none other than Victoria’s Secret’s Love Spell body mist. Mist is an important distinction in silage. It evokes memories of Bonnie Bell lip gloss, Ugg boots with denim mini skirts, humping body pillows, and rampant tween sexuality.

Actual notes include cherry blossom and peach. IRL, you will smell like the spit forming in your mouth when you’re sucking on a green apple Blow Pop. If you’re a tween you will feel like the sexiest person alive. You don’t have to tell him you’re a virgin, because you’re a cool girl.