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LouLou by Cacharel

LouLou by Cacharel

This perfume is like every single woman the main character encounters in Martin Scorsese’s After Hours. Each one delightfully emasculates Paul Hackett, while also breaking him from his yuppie nightmare cycle. In other words, this perfume is a glorious blend of all of those femme fatales in 80s NYC. If you haven’t seen the movie I suggest taking the next free night in quarantine to do so—it may bring you closer to this scent.

Getting back to the juice, LouLou is both a polarizing and not-to-be-missed ride into darkness. The design of the bottle by Annegret Beier is quite literally meant to look like a magic flask you rub for adventure. The unique colors were inspired by a Matisse painting of an odalisque in red posing in front of a blue background. The bottle shape and very typical focus on innocence AND seduction in the marketing campaign are all but meant to pull you into the boudoir.

Like many other 80s fragrances you will find little subtlety. However, the heavy vanilla note is what set this apart from similar contenders like the original Dior Poison. There are SO many notes, but I will break them down so you can see what this powerhouse is packing.

Top notes include: bergamot, plum, blackcurrant, anise, jasmine, marigold, mimosa, tiare lily, and violet. Heart notes include: iris, tuberose, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, rose, and lily-of-the-valley. Base notes include: sandalwood, cedar, tonka, vanilla, heliotrope, musk, and incense. In real life you will smell like fresh red paint on long acrylic nails pinching skin.