Basenote Bitch
Bottled Emotions by Bonne Bell

Free Fall by Sunset Cafe

Long before 14-year olds on TikTok were mysteriously peddling Baccarat Rouge 540 (with a 300+ price tag) as their signature scent, there was the era of drugstore fragrances. These were many a tweens’ entry point into personal scent. You could buy your Fruitopia and then douse yourself in a similar essence without dipping into your hard earned coin selling hair straighteners at the local mall kiosk. Accessibility was cute back then.

That’s where Sunset Cafe fragrances splashed onto the scene. The person who wore this had responsibilities including; walking their Poo-Chi, making sure their tattoo choker necklace was perfectly centered, and drinking a Raspberry Psychic Lemonade. This fragrance gives me very poolside vending machine vibes. Refreshing, fruity, and convenient. However, much like youth and beloved Fruitopia—it can be bountiful one moment and gone the next. Cherish these cheapies while you have them.

Notes unknown. In real life you will smell like Day-Glo sugar water expertly branded to include spiritual enlightenment.