Basenote Bitch

Envy by Gucci

Gucci Envy hit the scene in the late 90s and stuck around as a cult classic for many years prior to its tragic discontinuation in the naughties. It was popular during a simpler time when we all thought anything containing granola was healthy, including the legendary Kudos.

Cut to a Saturday afternoon in 2001 and you’re huffing the latest Shrek-branded snack bar while waiting to go to another screening at your local mall’s Regal Cinemas. You have Smash Mouth’s All Star cued up on your iPod for the bus ride over, and all you need is a single spritz to complete your ogre vibe. What would be more fitting than the greenest floral you own, ie. Gucci Envy? Envy isn’t like other florals—it’s rewriting its own fairytale with a metallic edge. With this spray of juice you hope to be as eternal as Shrek’s life online.

Top notes are bergamot, freesia, pineapple, magnolia and peach; middle notes are lily-of-the-valley, hiacynth, jasmine, iris, violet and rose; base notes are oakmoss, jasmine, cedar, musk and sandalwood. In real life you will smell like an onion, also known as “layered.”