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Bottled Emotions by Bonne Bell

Bottled Emotions by Bonne Bell

Who didn’t have a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker lip balm growing up? Or, tbh—Lip Smacker Dr. Pepper lip balm flavor growing up. At this point in my cosmetic journey I was buying “beauty” products purely for fun vs. the inevitable lifelong battle to not become the Tales From the Crypt host—i.e. the Cryptkeeper. This was before the wonderful beauty industry planted notions of “anti-aging” in my psyche.

HOWEVER, we aren’t here to discuss Bonne Bell’s delicious lip product—we’re here to chat Bottled Emotions. Leave it to the makers of our beloved flavored balms to come at us with the literal mood ring of perfumes. The marketing behind this collection was essentially if people sniffed you they could tell how you were feeling.

As a 12-year-old I desperately wanted to believe that these scents and mood rings worked. Spoiler: they all smell pretty much the same but like any self respecting tween I obviously collected them all. I feel like I wore this to go to the premier of a Disney Channel Original movie like Smart House or Brink! at a friend’s slumber party.

The above emotion, Sassy, I cannot find actual notes for but I’m picking up a faint cooked down Capri Sun vibe blended with Raspberry Vanilla from Bath and Body Works. In real life you will smell like every Lip Smacker balm melted down into one. Ah, youth!