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Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210 by Beverly Hills 90210

Have you ever wanted to smell like a teen drama incarnate? Like an inexplicable love triangle dragged out across many seasons and many shades of nude lipstick? Or like wealthy, privileged white teens spinning storylines out of literally nothing? Then this fragrance could be for you. It’s a soapy floral fragrance based on a literal soap opera. We can all recognize that 90210 was at times totally unfathomable and poorly acted—but it gave way to many more iconic and poorly-acted teen shows. Let us reflect on Mischa Barton in The O.C. or James Van Der Beek in Dawson’s Creek. All those and more wouldn’t be possible without the complete fandom of this show. That’s also why I can bring this perfume to you today. Deadstock fragrance can’t come from a show like The Beautiful Life, so here’s to teens quite literally wearing their hearts on their sleeves despite bad dialogue. If you want Jason Priestley to enter your Peach Pit then you know what to do. Spray this puppy on.

Notes include green apple, white florals and woodsy notes. In real life you will smell like an unfeasibly old twenty-something cast as a teenager. Dirty little liar!