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Be Delicious

Be Delicious by DKNY

This is the wannabe Sporty Spice scent and/or Bend it like Beckham then Bone like a Tween perfume. This is the smell of a middle school locker room. You’re putting on your lace cami under your pastel polo, then pairing it with Adidas slip on sandals with the massage nubs (socks underneath, of course.) What’s the last thing you put on before you head with your bffls to carbo-load before the big game at Olive Garden? It’s DKNY Be Delicious. The icoNIQUE green, bulbous, and shiny bottle need not be introduced.

Notes include grapefruit, cucumber, magnolia, zesty apple notes, and some other shiz. In real life you’ll smell like a steamy Herbal Essences commercial mixed with your fave Teen Spirit Deodorant. GET IT!