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Bottled Emotions by Bonne Bell

Acqua di Gio Giorgio Armani

It’s 1996 and your future ex is guzzling Sobe’s Black Tea 3G. The ginseng and guarana content is kicking him into overdrive on a Crash Bandicoot binge. Hours pass and when he finally gets up both the room and his jocks are musty. It’s time to spray one of the most ubiquitous scents of the decade, ie. Acqua Di Gio by Armani.

Say it back to yourself and think deeply about the corresponding wearer. If you’re seeing a generic slab o’ fucboi smelling faintly of watermelon and oysters then you are correct. That doesn’t stop it from being THE aquatic icon it set out to be. This is one of the scents that put our former friend and raw material calone into earth’s atmosphere until around 2005. To this day some key areas of New Jersey still have an air quality issue due to the aquatic classics of yesteryear.

Top notes are lime, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, orange, mandarin orange and neroli; middle notes are sea notes, jasmine, calone, peach, freesia, cyclamen, hiacynth, rosemary, violet, coriander, nutmeg, rose and mignonette; base notes are white musk, cedar, oakmoss, patchouli and amber. In real life you will smell like the air rising from the scissor doors of a Lamborghini Diablo. Douchey with a hint of freshness.