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Parfums De Coeur Juice Bar Fragrance Body Spray in Cotton Candy

It’s the morning of your first day back at school from summer break. In the middle of the night your Casio alarm clock short circuited. You are late and wiggin. The inflatable backpack you’ve been waiting to pair with your invisible spaghetti strap tank is limp in the corner. You snatch that monstrosity and start blowing into it with all the feral energy you’ve been reserving for your practice makeout session on your Doodle Bear later.

As the bag slowly starts to rise you begin to feel lightheaded. Visions of clouds appear out of nowhere and the twinkling synthesized harp line at the beginning of “The Boy Is Mine” starts to play on repeat. You visualize your crush slowly peeling the invisible spaghetti strap down as you approach unknown bases. While they drag said strap down you ignore that they are ripping out all body hair in it’s path. You play it unbothered like the allegedly hairless creature you are.

A familiar smell wafts into this heavenly landscape. At first you think someone is chewing Bubblicious cotton candy gum, but then you realize you’ve applied your signature Juice Bar Fragrance. The psychotic spun sugar fog brings you back into your room. The bag is plump and you’ve only sacrificed a couple brain cells for an iconic first day statement. You immediately dictate this horny dream with your retractable pen in your journal for later. You leave your room armed with approximately ten sprays of Cotton Candy Refresher.

Notes not listed. In real life you will smell scrumdiddlyumtious.